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CD Presentation

Brian Cold Air Balloon

Cougar Cold Air Balloon

Helium Parade Balloons:

Please call for all rental and purchase rates.   

Cold Air Balloon Rentals:

*Prices vary with each inflatable, plesae call for specific pricing.
*Minimum rental starts with weekend rates.

  • Weekend Rentals - $400 - $1,000
  • Week Rentals - $1,000 - $1,800
  • 2nd Week HALF OFF
  • 3rd Week HALF OFF
  • 4th Week FREE!!

Advertising Balloons:

All prices are based on size, shape, design and complexity. Custom balloons require an individual quote from our sales staff. Please contact us via phone or e-mail for a quote.

760 . 477 2655   |


Advertising Balloons
Giant Advertising Balloon
Giant Advertising Balloon
Giant Advertising Balloon
Giant Advertising Balloons, Custom Made Large 7' - 21' Balloons
Special Events
Statue of Liberty Giant Balloon
American Flag Giant Balloon
30' Statue of Liberty - Cold-Air
30' American Flag Helium Balloon
Giant Sale Advertising Balloon Easter Bunny
Giant Advertising Balloons Rental
Giant Advertising Balloons . Helium Spheres Rentals

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